We do electrical maintenace

A comprehensive technical and strategic support service, designed to address the needs of all electrical operations.

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Predictive electrical maintenance testing

Our team will lead several holistic testings of all electrical equipment to ensure that they operate effectively under the conditions stipulated in our custom electrical health and safety program. This includes a full visual inspection, a survey of all infrared and thermography, discharge testing and a thorough analysis of the insulated fluid sampling.


Leading technical support

Our electrical maintenance service is inclusive of comprehensive technical support that is applicable to installations designed by our own team or those of another electrical provider. Our technical assistance is designed to address any corrective and preventative measures as well as machinery adaptation, breakdown services and essential repairs - instantly.


Renowned electrical knowledge

By making use of our electrical maintenance services, you are tapping into a wealth of electrical insights, highly specialised knowledge and best-kept secrets that will revolutionise your plant automation and introduce you to the efficiency of industry experts.


Vast industry collaborations

When it comes to plant automations, our electrical maintenance team knows no bounds. Our technicians, along with their integrated solutions, can efficiently operate on a wide range of multi-disciplinary projects and industries. This includes renewable energy, mining, water waste, oil and gas.